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Giovanni RADICCHI is an Italian craftsman who works in the shipping sector.
His passion for nature and the wood develops since his childhood and inspired by the trees and the land surrounding his house.
He lives immersed in the green of an Italian region , Marche, which is called the Italian garden.
Since little is interested in manual work and the wood.
His first toys are not the ball, the toy cars and toy soldiers, but what he creates with his hands.
Giovanni starts by cutting wood and making up small animals and growing is fascinated by Art.
He studied in Urbino, the city of artists, and learned how to reproduce antique furniture, the gilding, restoration of inlaid frames.
Finished school he decides to go to Florida (USA) to learn how to assemble and build the furniture and ship.
Back in Italy he discovers that his passion for wood has become a job.
Today Giovanni is a man who lives intensely for his family.
He’s a happy dad who creates with his hands objects that take the form of an emotion.
This cradle is inspired by the birth of his daughter Annachiara.

……………and doesn’t end here